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PostSubject: Avid Gamers - I Need YOU!   Avid Gamers - I Need YOU! Icon_minitimeWed Aug 25, 2010 6:10 pm

Hai guys! Hoping your not too-gamed out to help me Smile I'm a PhD student exploring social problem solving in the domain of video games - trying to spin a new positive light on video games in the media. Only problem is - I'm lacking in non-casual gamers to fill it in, particularly those who are a fan on online games! I'm urgently seeking 300 participants (it's a survey - ten minutes long) who have a passion for playing games to fill it in. This would only be phase one - phase two I'll probably come back for your advice on Smile Nowhere better to go than where the pro's be!
Anyway, if you would be so kind as to help me out, my survey is here: http;// which also has all my university contact details on it, and you do not need to use your real names etc and email addresses are optional to allow me to contact you for follow up studies.
Phase two, btw, is going to be more focussed on violent content, so if you could give me some feedback on what the most and least violent game of 2010 you have/will play is - that'd be grand too! Smile
Thanks guys! \o/

Fi Smile
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Avid Gamers - I Need YOU!
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