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 UntoldStory!~ Join now! [Rates- 500/250/2]

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PostSubject: UntoldStory!~ Join now! [Rates- 500/250/2]   UntoldStory!~ Join now! [Rates- 500/250/2] Icon_minitimeSat Nov 13, 2010 4:55 am

hey! You! Yea you! Come here!...Closer.....Closer! Ahhh there we are. Id like to tell you about a little server called UntoldStory. Shhh its a secret

This is a new server with alll of these amazing features!:

We do use Hamachi for now please read further down for more details.

It is a v75 server! WOOT!
Rates: exp:500/mesos:250/drop:2
No more spoonfeeding rates!!
Trolls: Oh yea bet you cant list 10 good things about the server!
UntoldStory staff: Why yes we can!

1.Auto register
2.Daily events
3.Donate for Non-Hamachi
4.No lag server
5.Awesome and growing community
6.All In One NPC
7.NPC map
8.Timeless Equipments
9.FM Bosses and Monsters
10.Unlimited Flash Jump!

Site URL:

Forum URL:

MapleStory Full v75:
Part One: R6TFM6VO
Part Two: AKPXE0JV


Optionals!: v83 CustomWz:
Removable Light Bulb Quest: ?tazqzytjzmk

HAMACHI INFO!: Join: UntoldStory123, UntoldStory1234, UntoldStory12345, UntoldStory123456, UntoldStory1234567
password: 123

Note: I am NOT the master of the server but i am just an advertiser.

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UntoldStory!~ Join now! [Rates- 500/250/2]
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