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PostSubject: Tenuki   Tenuki Icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 9:59 pm

Tenuki is a real time browser-based multiplayer online strategy game of resource gathering, trade and cosmic battles. Commanders join forces to battle rival alliances in pursuit of single goal: dominate a small star system Tenuki. And this battle is no easy job as planets swarm with fierce aliens unwilling to give-up their worlds. Thrill and adventures await You in the fight for Influence and Respect crushing inferior leaders. Pick your alliance and join the fray!

- Assemble ships and control them in real time.
- Manage your fleet and buy more hangars to increase your armada.
- Research new technologies to boost effectiveness.
- Manufacture various modules and assemble ships with unique properties.
- Buy. Sell. Trade. Get the items you want for a price you like.
- Conquer and exploit new planets. Watch out for enemy ships in orbit!
- and many more

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