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PostSubject: Gate To Heavens MMORPG   Gate To Heavens MMORPG Icon_minitimeMon Sep 12, 2011 12:38 am


you are looking for a game where you can play and having fun for free?

Gate To Heavens offers an handsome experience with different maps, and powerful fights.

Players will have to forge their destiny, to become powerful heroes of celestial world.

Gate To Heavens is :

*A start character level fixed at 81 !!! So you start at lvl 81 !!!
*All items (Premium items included) 100% free in NPC . NO ONLINE SHOP FOR REAL MONEY !
*A great team leveling
*Many events
*A fantastic world in 3D
*Different fights system
*A lot of animations
*An economic system
*A lot of items and skills
*A strong community
*A team leveling
*PK , PVP , Arena and Guild war
*Interesting quests
*300 e-Points offer for all new accounts created
*The latest patch anti hack / anti bug.
*A stable server with no crashes.
*A multilanguage client(English, French, Chinese).
*The possibility of using the TAB key to select your monsters.
*automatic announcement system.
*The ability to choose multiple effects on the website (name color, effect on the character, effect on the arms, the title characters ...).
*Marriage system added.
*The remaining time to use your potions Backup.
*New skills.
*4 basic's classes.
*Server rates x50

Choose your class, become an Hermit, join your clan and live your best adventure at Gate To Heavens!

Gate To Heavens - gthgame

Google it to find the website Smile
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Gate To Heavens MMORPG
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