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 Do you have any wow gold buying tips?

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PostSubject: Do you have any wow gold buying tips?   Do you have any wow gold buying tips? Icon_minitimeSat Sep 24, 2011 9:40 am

If you have leave me here please. I want to be a super game player who handles more wow gold. Do you want to buy wow gold? Are you looking for cheap wow gold? There are some news about wow gold below:

The full Tier 9 previews are finally out, courtesy of MMO Champion. Whatever your opinions are on faction-specific armor - there are arguments to be made for and against it - it's reasonable to say that some of the sets look pretty darned good. It's the first time we're seeing faction-specific armor sets in a long time, so we'll actually get to do something we can't do with old armor sets - we'll pit the Horde and Alliance against each other in an armor face-off!

In our Tier 9 Mighty Battle, we'll pit one faction's version of the Tier 9 armor against the other and judge them based on the following criteria:

Thematic integrity to class - We'll look at how well Blizzard's armor design represents the class. The best kind of class armor should be recognizable as a perfect representation of that class. For example, the Warlock's Tier 5, the Corruptor Raiment, or the Paladin's Tier 2, the Judgement set, both look unmistakably diabolical and righteous, respectively.

Thematic integrity to faction - Because these are the first faction-specific PvE sets, we'll also examine how well the armor sets embody each faction and their archetypal - or stereotypical - representation.

Overall design - Of course, aside from looking true to the class and faction, an armor set can just be plain badass. Everybody wants to look good, right?
Tiebreaker, how each armor class stacks up - Since we're scoring ten classes, we'll avoid a tie by scoring the armor sets based on their armor type, too. Because the armor sets share models across armor class, we'll award points to each faction based which side has better designs overall. Kind of like an electoral college, but without the chads.
The Mighty Battle begins after the jump!
I have read some news about wow gold and want to share with you. It is raining now. I don't know why it rains so much this summer. I am sitting in front of my computer farming wow gold and then I will buy some wow gold online.

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Do you have any wow gold buying tips?
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