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PostSubject: [AD] MuSouL|Season 4 epiz 2|xp 1500|drop 60%|24/7   [AD] MuSouL|Season 4 epiz 2|xp 1500|drop 60%|24/7 Icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 2:51 am

Developer: Webzen
Genre: RPG (MMOG) / Isometric / Online-only
Register hero:

> The discovery of two new servers!
> The new Season 4 New anti-cheat, a new 3d camera, new stuff, maps, and bosses!
> We guarantee at least 3 years of reliable operation of servers without a wipe!

> Hooray! Two new friends house waiting for you!

You will find:

- Large online
- Unique Grand Resets
- The stability of the server (you will not see the disconnect in the morning tablet)
- Exciting gameplay
- Responsive Administration (In your question you'll quickly get an answer on our forum)
- Quest system
- The amazing spots in its composition (with the first level, up to a max reset)
- New opening event!
- Reliable anti-cheat system (can safely play without cheaters)
- Unique Land of trials (it is this aspect we have paid quite a lot of attention)
- Reviewed by you know the classes in PVP, with our settings to play an even more interesting! (This is a completely new approach to rebalancing)
- And much more!

On the server:

- In this project, you are expected to 2 servers
- Servers: Main x1500Season 4 Episode 2, High x220 Season 2 epiz a
- Rates: x220, x1500-Drop: 60.70%
- Max lvl: 400
- Max stats: 65535 - Points per reset: DW, DK, ELF, SUM = 600; MG, DL = 700
- Create Guild: 350 lvl

User-friendly administration and stable development prospects in the future!

What is MuOnline?

MuOnline is one of the most exciting online games with elements of the strategy, which has long won the hearts of thousands of players from all over the world! This multiplayer online game was developed in 2003 by the Korean WebZen and continues to evolve to this day, developing and debugging gaming - in the end the player has the perfect atmosphere and exciting adventures. The game does not repeat the mistakes of other developers, WebZen corrects them and creates an unforgettable gaming experience. The game has a nice interface and high-quality graphics, easy management, online chat to communicate in the modern game and soundtrack. Mu Online is simple combat, the ability to implement the trade (currency exchange stones, objects, etc.), the ability to join in the so-called guilds and parties, huge selection of weapons and uniforms.
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[AD] MuSouL|Season 4 epiz 2|xp 1500|drop 60%|24/7
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